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This is a complete minefield, I have no idea where to start. Help!
What is continuing healthcare?
What is NHS-Funded Nursing Care?
How do I claim continuing healthcare?
What is a primary health need?
What is the National Framework and where did it come from?
Is continuing healthcare restricted to nursing homes?
What is the Closedown process and can I have a retrospective review?
What is a ‘DST’?
What is an ‘MDT’?
My GP tells me I will be eligible, is that a guarantee?
My relative/friend has been in a nursing home for several years, why have I never heard of continuing healthcare?
My relative/friend has dementia. Will she automatically qualify for continuing healthcare?
Are decisions influenced by money?
If I am eligible, is it for life?
If I am eligible, will my benefits be affected?
In your experience what is the key to a successful claim?

Due to a huge rise in demand for our free helpline, we have a backlog of enquiries. We are getting back to everyone as quickly as we can, but our response time for free advice is currently up to one week.

We are deeply sorry for this delay.

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