How We Can Help

Beacon is committed to providing affordable and ethical representation for families struggling to navigate the continuing healthcare maze. For more information about who we are and what people say about us, see the ‘About us’ section.

Free Advice from Trained Continuing Healthcare Advisers (NHS England-funded)
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Continuing healthcare assessments often come along at a time when people are already having to deal with the stress, uncertainty and emotional exhaustion of looking after a loved one or trying to find care for when they leave hospital. We understand that many people just need a straight answer to a question without having to fill in any paperwork or read through information guides to get that answer.

Beacon is working in partnership with NHS England to provide a service for people in England who need independent expert advice in relation to NHS continuing healthcare. Our advisers are able to help you to understand the eligibility criteria and navigate the assessment and appeal processes.

If you have a question, would like us to discuss your assessment or need to talk to someone independent about your situation, please call us on 0345 548 0300 or send us a ‘Talk to us’ request to schedule a free consultation with a trained NHS continuing healthcare adviser.

We are able to provide you with up to 90 minutes of free written or telephone advice in addition to our free literature. We will also signpost you to other trusted not-for-profit organisations where we feel they may be able to provide you with expert advice on matters related to your situation. Please note that our free advice service is kept entirely separate from our casework services – we will not try to sell you anything and will only put you through to the casework team if you ask us to.

This free information and advice service is officially supported by a number of the UK’s leading charities including Age UK, Parkinson’s UK, Spinal Injuries Association and First Stop EAC.

Free Navigational Toolkit

If you would prefer to do the research yourself, we’ve put together a free Navigational Toolkit which is designed to answer a number of common questions about NHS Continuing Healthcare and to give you a comprehensive understanding of the current system.

To download the Navigational Toolkit or to request a copy via post, please enter your details and click ‘Register for your Toolkit’.

Why Should You Use Beacon?

One reason is that our caseworkers have been providing specialist advice, winning continuing healthcare appeals, and training the NHS for over 13 years.

Another reason is that we have recovered over £8 million for families who should never have funded their care in the first place.

And a third reason is that our chargeable services are a fraction of the fees charged by many other firms, and as a social enterprise any profit we make goes to charity.

‘No Win No Fee’ Arrangements

We do not offer ‘no win no fee’ arrangements because we feel that they are often misleading and exploitative. Logic dictates that firms offering such arrangements will only take on cases they know they are likely to win, meaning you run the risk of having your case dropped if the odds turn against you, or if you are successful losing up to half (in some cases) of any refunded care fees.

“Over recent months, the Legal Ombudsman has become increasingly concerned about the operation of ‘no win, no
fee’ legal services. We have made conduct referrals to regulators about the way some law firms have handled these
(Report by the Legal Ombudsman entitled Complaints in Focus: ‘No Win, No Fee’ Agreements,
December 2013)

We have a transparent, affordable, pricing structure for our chargeable work and you will never be tied into a long-term contract. Our fees are a fraction of many other firms, see below for an example cost comparison based on a case requiring 36 hours of casework for an individual who spent two years in a care home.

Organisation Model Rate Cost exc. VAT Total Charge
Typical Firm No Win No Fee 40% Fee £33,280 £39,936
Typical Firm Hourly Charge £300 £10,800 £12,960
Beacon Hourly Charge £150 £5,400 £6,480

Our Casework Services

We offer a full range of affordable specialist advocacy and casework services designed to provide you with as much or as little support and advice as you need at any stage of your assessment, appeal or review. For further details of our casework services including pricing please download our ‘How We Can Help’ guide which is part of the Navigational Toolkit.