Our fees

Clear and affordable prices

We are a social enterprise, which means we’re not run for profit. However, we do have to cover our costs and pay our expert team.

We have a transparent, affordable, pricing structure for our chargeable work and you will never be tied into a long-term contract. Our fees are significantly less than many other firms, see below for an example cost comparison based on a case requiring 36 hours of casework for an individual who spent two years in a care home.

Organisation Model Rate Cost exc. VAT Total Charge
Typical Firm No Win No Fee 40% Fee £33,280 £39,936
Typical Firm Hourly Charge £300 £10,800 £12,960
Beacon Hourly Charge £180 £6,480 £7,776

Free information and advice

As well as our chargeable casework, we are proud to provide the FREE Information and Advice Service on behalf of NHS England.