What our clients say

As the comments below show, our clients appreciate our personal and compassionate approach combined with our unrivalled expertise in NHS Continuing Healthcare.

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“Thank you so much for your part in this process. It has meant so much to us knowing that we had someone who understood the minefield in which we found ourselves and who supported us so brilliantly. We cannot thank you enough.” – P.B.
“My brother and I would again like to thank you so much for all your time, patience and compassion. If the PCT had acted with half as much consideration as yourself, this matter would never have arisen.” – S.B.
“You have been such a great help and support to me in successfully obtaining retrospective total nursing care. I really do not think we would have it managed it without you and your experience. We cannot thank you enough.” – M.V.
“I have no reservations in thoroughly recommending Beacon for all things relating to CHC funding. [Our Beacon caseworker] was quick to grasp the full scope of what was quite a complicated case. She was thorough in her analysis, timely and precise in compiling the Appeal, complete with supporting data obtained from various sources and specialists. Her Appeal submission held the NHS to account regarding shortcomings in their procedures. She also provided well reasoned justifications for levels of need in each domain, and finally argued for a better understanding of the Key Areas and Application of primary health need test in my wife’s case. Her expertise was critical in obtaining a successful appeal and she eased the burden on me at a deeply distressing time. She and I were on the same wavelength throughout.”  – J.P.
“I would like to thank you for your assistance with this matter and have very much appreciated your efficiency and professionalism throughout the whole process. I feel very fortunate to have received the assistance of the service provided through Beacon. Prior to being involved with my husbands continuing health care assessment, I had no experience of the process and having the support of Beacon has been very reassuring. As a result of the informative case presented a successful outcome was achieved, and I am certain I would not have achieved this without your assistance.” – J.B.
“I was very impressed with your website and the information on it. It gave very clear and realistic advice.” – M.B.
“Thank you very much indeed for your comments about the Checklist Review decision and also your kind advice. L.H. and I really appreciate the care you’ve taken over these matters and won’t hesitate to contact you again if and when appropriate.” – R.H.
“A year ago our Helpline team were getting several calls a day about Continuing Healthcare. Invariably, the caller was a carer for someone with Parkinsons, whose needs had become so substantial that they were struggling to cope. They’d hoped that Continuing Healthcare might be the solution to providing the care their loved-one needed. In such situations, carers might be called on night and day, and be emotionally and physically exhausted. So engaging with CHC, Some carers had invested a lot of energy in trying to understand CHC, or argue their case, and be/were variously bewildered, confused, angry or tearful when the language, the process, the assessment seemed impossible. We had studied the National Framework and other documentation and could offer guidance on eligibility, process and answer most questions. But it was a godsend when we were able to learn from you the finer points and check our understanding; and to issue the excellent documents that guide carers through the legal background, the assessment process and the appeals. Carers have so valued these texts that validate their concerns, are rooted in their experience, and guide and empower them to move forward positively and appropriately. For them, and for people just discovering CHC, it is so good to say that they can also phone you direct and you can offer independent advice, based on your extensive, specialist experience of this field. Keep up the good work!” – Ian Adams – Parkinson’s UK
“Thanks very much for your help and guidance. It has proven a great comfort to the family.” – A.C.
“Thank you so much for your very clear and detailed reply to my query, a result I hope!! And once again down to you. I can’t thank you enough – you always have been a beacon of light during the mayhem of the last 5 years!” – J.H.
“A great deal of soul-searching has gone on over the last few weeks, and we’ve decided to accept the decision of the Proxy Review Panel. Thank you for all your help – the family and I are acutely aware that we would not have got to this point without your help.” – L.W.
“I just wanted to say once again how much I have appreciated your personal and professional help throughout the appeal process for my wife. You gave me great moral and practical support through an often intimidating process.” – C.L.
“I’m feeling very elated. We took on the NHS and won! They have agreed that mum was eligible for Continuing Health Care when they assessed her in November 2013 and so now they have to pay her care home bills! A huge thank you to R.W. at Beacon Continuing Healthcare who helped to keep me going when I really thought I couldn’t go on and provided massive support and focus for the Appeal Panel meeting. Thank you also to D.H., who took my initial call when I was totally at the end of my tether and close to having a nervous breakdown. My 8 year old son said ‘great mum, now you can spend more time with us and we know Granny is safe and cared for’! Beacon: A shining light through the darkness of Continuing Health Care!” – S.P.
“The Navigational Toolkit was very interesting and very easy to read.” – S.B.
“Thanks for attending today, it was good to meet you, and I felt you added real value to the proceedings.” – A.M.
“I just wanted to let you know that we heard, at last, that the CHC will be granted for my father. What a mess that was, badly done from start to finish for the first assessment (they pretty much admitted that) and then all the work to go through the second. You can see why the NHS has no money, it is all being wasted on doing jobs badly and having to re do things again… Still, for the moment, our work is done. Your input was a massive help as we knew where we stood and what things were all about, something I fear that many people do not, even for an appeal and I shall let anyone know about your service should they be looking for help in this area.” – R.H. & K.H.
“Thank you very much for all the help, advice and support you have given me. It was a relief to have someone, who knew the facts, agree with me that procedures had not been carried out properly. Should P.K. have to go through another assessment, it is highly likely that I will be in touch again, so that we shall have Beacon involved from the start.” – S.K.
“I was very grateful for your toolkit, it was excellent. I found it very useful, particularly for highlighting parts that were relevant to my case.” – J.N.
“I just wanted to say thank you for your time and support this afternoon and throughout the appeal process. Your help and advice is much appreciated. Whilst we didn’t change the outcome of the original assessment I think the fact that they agreed to look at the period around my mother’s transfer was a success and I feel I have done the best I can to represent my mother’s rights. I now understand the process much better and was pleased to hear they are taking steps to identify and improve on previous process shortcomings.” – J.S.