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How do I appeal a Checklist (screening) decision?
How do I appeal a full assessment decision?
What does the appeal process involve?
How long do I have to appeal?
I was assessed as no longer eligible for continuing healthcare at my annual review. Will the NHS continue to pay if I appeal the decision?
Is my appeal likely to be upheld at the local review stage?
What can I do to prepare for the local review stage?
Can I attend the Independent Review Panel?
What can I do to prepare for an Independent Review Panel?
How can the Independent Review Panel be ‘independent’ when it uses NHS staff in decision-making roles?
I have been told I can only appeal if there is further evidence which hasn’t previously been considered. Is this true?
I have been refused continuing care funding but a claims firm has told me I will definitely be eligible if they appeal my case. Can they be certain?
Do I need a solicitor or a claims firm to represent me?
I have heard the only claims that are taken seriously by the NHS are those that come from solicitors. Is this true?
What are the most common procedural problems you encounter with assessments?