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Who are Beacon and how can you help?
At Beacon we provide affordable expert advice and representation for families in England and Wales who are struggling to navigate the maze of NHS Continuing Healthcare.

We are a social enterprise, which means we are not run for profit. Any profits we do make are donated to charity to improve services for older people.

As well as our honest and ethical approach, when you choose Beacon you benefit from our:

  • Proven track record

For over a decade, our team of specialist caseworkers have fought for people trying to navigate the maze of NHS continuing healthcare funding. We have won over £8 million in restitution for our clients, with a success rate of over 70% in cases brought to appeal.

With Beacon you will receive exceptional customer service. Our clients report a 96% satisfaction rate between ‘Good’ and ‘Excellent’.

“I just want to say that the advice I got from Beacon was first class…we managed to get a negative decision changed to a positive decision; they’ve agreed to continue my mother’s CHC with the NHS. It was superb – a big thank you.”

  • Expert service

Continuing healthcare is a really complex area. That’s why our team of advisors and caseworkers are all highly trained professionals who work solely in this area.

Unlike some other providers we won’t just recite what’s in the guidelines. We tell you how it actually works, what your rights are and how to make sure you receive the care and financial support you are entitled to. We place you at the heart of the advocacy process because we recognise that you are the expert on your own care needs, or the care needs of the person you are representing.

Our reputation as sector-leading experts means we are frequently called on by the NHS to improve the understanding of continuing healthcare within their own ranks.

  • Clear and affordable prices

We are not a claims firm and do not operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis where you may run the risk of losing up to half of any restitution. We have a transparent, affordable, pricing structure for our chargeable work and you will never be tied into a long-term contract.

Are you independent?
Yes. Beacon’s private casework and advocacy services are fully independent of the statutory sector. We work with health authorities, health trusts and local authorities from time to time to provide training and consultancy but will never compromise our independence when it comes to client work. We have recently been commissioned by NHS England to set up a support service for people in England who need free information and advice in relation to NHS continuing healthcare. However, we are contractually obliged to provide independent advice and this service is distinct from our private client work. Maintaining our independence is how we have been so successful in challenging incorrect eligibility decisions and unfair procedures over the past 13 years.
Are you lawyers?
Beacon does not employ solicitors and we cannot assist you with legal processes or litigation. All of our caseworkers have extensive experience in either health or social care and are experts in the field of NHS continuing healthcare.
Can you tell me if I will win my appeal just by looking at my assessment paperwork?
Eligibility for continuing healthcare is established through an in-depth assessment process in which a multidisciplinary team fully assesses the totality of an individual’s needs. Assuming the assessment and Decision Support Tool has been completed with accuracy and in detail, our specialist caseworkers will be able to advise you as to whether or not you have a case and provide comprehensive guidance about the specific avenues of appeal we have identified. We can then manage your entire appeal.

Unless evidence can be obtained to suggest that your needs are definitely equal to two Severe levels of need or a Priority level of need across the care domains in the Decision Support Tool, it is not possible for anyone to be 100% certain of success at appeal. However the extensive knowledgebase we have built up over more than 13 years in continuing healthcare will enable us to give you a good steer as to your chances of success. If we do not believe you have a case we will inform you.

Why do you charge for advocacy and casework?
Beacon has evolved from a service offered by Age UK Oxfordshire where our team of specialist caseworkers have enabled hundreds of individuals to reclaim millions in care fees, at no charge whatsoever to the individual or their family. Although a small number of other remote specialist casework services exist, to our knowledge, this has been the only free and comprehensive face-to-face continuing healthcare advocacy service of its type in the U.K.

For many years we received frequent requests for help from people outside the Thames Valley, as well as request for advice from health and social care professionals, charities and law firms. Unfortunately, we found that NHS trusts and local authorities were unwilling to commission the type of service that has become so successful in our region, despite attempts to establish these free services.

Having realised the need for ethical and affordable national representation in the field of NHS continuing healthcare, Beacon was set up to meet the needs of individuals who require specialist advice and casework at a reasonable cost. Our Navigational Toolkit is freely available to anyone who needs guidance on how to navigate the assessment and appeal process by themselves. For those who feel they need more in-depth support and are looking for someone to guide them through the process, we commit to the following principles for your peace of mind:

  • Our hourly rates are a fraction of many other firms and we provide a transparent, affordable pricing structure.
  • You will never be tied into a long-term contract
  • We are a social enterprise, which means we are not run for profit. Any profits we do make are donated to charity to improve services for older people.
  • We will always be honest and open with you about your chances of success and aim never to mislead
  • We will share our extensive expertise with you to ensure you understand your assessment and are able to make informed choices at each stage

For more information and to see our customer charter please download or request a copy of our Navigational Toolkit.