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How do I go about requesting a full assessment for continuing healthcare?
Should I attend an assessment for my relative/friend?
Will I be involved in the assessment?
My care team and GP all said that I should qualify for continuing healthcare but the CCG have refused eligibility. Are they allowed to do that?
At the assessment, the coordinating assessor asked lots of questions but didn’t really explain what she was writing because she said I ‘wouldn’t understand it’. Is that reasonable?
My CCG is sending my assessment to a panel for a final decision but I have not been invited. How is that inclusive?
Can I remain in hospital whilst my assessment is completed?
My care home has refused to record incidents of challenging behaviour because they are ‘too upsetting for my family to read’. Will this affect my chances of success?
When I read my care records all I see is very generic comments like ‘care given as plan’. Is this going to be enough information for the assessment?
It is now 3 months since the checklist was completed and I have still not received an assessment. Is this normal and what should I do?
There are so many people involved, who is actually responsible for making the final decision regarding eligibility?
How is the coordinating assessor qualified to assess me?
The CCG are refusing to involve my care home in the recommendation part of the assessment because they “don’t understand the criteria”. Are they allowed to do this?