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This is a complete minefield, I have no idea where to start. Help!
What is continuing healthcare?
What is NHS-Funded Nursing Care?
How do I claim continuing healthcare?
What is a primary health need?
What is the National Framework and where did it come from?
Is continuing healthcare restricted to nursing homes?
What is the Closedown process and can I have a retrospective review?
What is a ‘DST’?
What is an ‘MDT’?
My GP tells me I will be eligible, is that a guarantee?
My relative/friend has been in a nursing home for several years, why have I never heard of continuing healthcare?
My relative/friend has dementia. Will she automatically qualify for continuing healthcare?
Are decisions influenced by money?
If I am eligible, is it for life?
If I am eligible, will my benefits be affected?
In your experience what is the key to a successful claim?