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I think I need an assessment – what do I do?
What do I need to achieve in order to qualify for the full assessment?
I’m sure a checklist was completed whilst I was in hospital. Should I have been involved?
My care home manager told me I would not be eligible for continuing healthcare so isn’t going to complete the paperwork. Is this reasonable?
I was assessed as having 5 x ‘Bs’ in my Checklist but the CCG say it is still very unlikely I will be eligible and have refused a full assessment. Is this reasonable?
I was assessed by the hospital nursing team as having 5 x ‘Bs’ in my Checklist but the CCG have re-screened it as only 4 x ‘Bs’. Is there anything I can do?
My relative/friend may be entering a ‘terminal phase’. Is there any way to speed up the assessment process?

Due to a huge rise in demand for our free helpline, we have a backlog of enquiries. We are getting back to everyone as quickly as we can, but our response time for free advice is currently up to one week.

We are deeply sorry for this delay.

You can access free and comprehensive written information about the CHC process NOW, by registering here