Appealing an eligibility decision

Full management of your NHS Continuing Healthcare appeal

We offer Full Appeal Management for people who have been assessed as not eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare and wish to appeal the decision. Our expert caseworkers can manage the entire appeal process on your behalf.

The Full Appeal Management service includes:

  • obtaining all relevant records
  • full comprehensive appeal initiation at each stage (from local review process through to Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman)
  • working with you to build a thorough understanding of your care needs
  • comprehensive analysis of all written and verbal evidence, including care records and your Decision Support Tool, to build a case
  • writing all letters, statements and submissions to support your case
  • arranging each stage of the process with your local Integrated Care Board (ICB) and NHS England
  • supporting you at every step of the way, including presenting at appeal panels in person.

Along the way, our caseworkers will keep you updated and explain each step of the process so you can make informed decisions and remain in control.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Full Appeal Management varies according to the complexity of the case and the length of the claim period, but it will be based on our hourly rate , which is significantly less than many other firms.

You’ll stay in control because we’ll never tie you in to a long contract and we’ll keep you updated at every stage.

To enquire about Full Appeal Management call us on
0345 548 0300 and select option 2, or email

We will respond to your enquiry for appeal management within 48 hours. Try to contact us as soon as possible when you decide to appeal. 


  • "I truly would not have the strength or confidence to continue my battle for funding had it not been for my Beacon caseworker holding my hand every step of the process. Thank you Beacon for this exceptional service!"
  • "As well as being diligent and highly professional, she was caring, kind and considerate and used down-to-earth pragmatism in steering us through the complexities of the process to give us the confidence to continue."
  • "We are so glad we made contact with Beacon, after a long time struggling by ourselves. Not only are they experts in CHC, probably unrivalled, but they also care deeply about the people they are helping."
  • "There is no doubt in my mind that we would not have succeeded without Beacon’s support. I have no hesitation in recommending them highly to anyone who is seeking advice regarding CHC."
  • "We found out just before Christmas that our appeal was successful. I don’t mind admitting that when we got the letter my husband and I just burst into tears. We can never thank or recommend Beacon too highly."
  • "Would not have been awarded CHC Funding at local resolution appeal without the support and advice from Beacon.......they gave me the confidence and knowledge to fight for what I believed to be right."
  • "It was clear that our caseworker had read our huge quantity of paperwork and had a handle on the situation. We needed a huge amount of perseverance but after more than a year we WON!"

Why get Full Appeal Management?

Our caseworkers have managed many hundreds of appeals and recovered over £8 million in care fees for families, with a success rate of over 70% in cases brought to appeal.

It is possible to manage an appeal yourself, but the system is not user-friendly or accessible. For many people it can feel confusing and frustrating – and comes at an already stressful time in your life.

By getting us to take the strain you won’t get bogged down in the volume and complexity of the administration and process. We are used to dealing with ICBs and other NHS bodies, we understand the confusing terms used and know how to keep the process moving and what step to take next.

Other services

If you need help preparing for an NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment, talk to us about our Assessment Support Service.

If you’ve already had an assessment and are trying to decide whether to appeal, we recommend our Expert Analysis Service to scrutinise your NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment and decision.

If you wish to make a formal complaint about NHS Continuing Healthcare, contact us about our NHS Complaints Service.

Of if you’re not looking for casework, but have a few questions about your assessment and NHS Continuing Healthcare, contact our free Information and Advice Service.